Brand New Sounds at Oxted Band

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Brand New Sounds at Oxted Band

Oxted Band now has a full complement of over 30 players, which is fantastic news!  However, this does mean that the acoustic in their band hut, refurbished after the 2016 arson attack, is challenging when everyone is there.

Conscious of the health and well being of players, and thanks to fund raising and generous donations from friends and supporters, the band has had the rehearsal room fitted out with acoustic panels and baffles.  Resonics, an acoustic specialist, suspended 15 separate panels from the ceiling which will absorb between 80 – 90% of the sound generated.

Chairman Ben Hicks said “We believe that this is an important and justified use of our precious band funds to safeguard members of both the senior and training bands”.

If anyone wishes to hear how these acoustic panels work in a band environment, Oxted band would be very happy to welcome them to their bandroom.  Contact Ben at

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