#SwabForSykes at Stevenage

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#SwabForSykes at Stevenage

Brass banders all over the country are being asked to #swabforsykes in support of former Tredegar trombone star Stephen Sykes who is battling the blood cancer Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer such as Leukemia, Lymphoma or Myeloma. Registering and having a swab done to be sent off for match analysis takes just a few minutes of your time, but could potentially make a life-changing difference to Stephen or one of thousands of others. If you’re aged 18-50, you can register as a potential donor now by visiting DKMS online, or visit the swab station at the L&SC Regional contest in Stevenage this coming weekend.

Stephen has had so much support from the brass band movement all over the world already, with hundreds of banders registering online to get swab kits by post, and visiting swab stations at the Regional contests. If you haven’t already registered, please spare 10 minutes of your time this contest week to join the fight and see if you could be a life saving donor.

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