2016 Solo & Duet Contest Results

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2016 Solo & Duet Contest Results

35 players from 12 different bands performed 60 solos and duets in Burgess Hill on Saturday 13th February.
Congratulations and thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day go to all the competitors, the scaba team and adjudicator Josh Cirtina who praised all the entrants for the high standard of playing and enjoyable repertoire.

Junior Slow Melody

Junior Slow Melody

  1. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
  2. Liam Maton, Mole Valley
  3. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury
  4. Samuel Johnson, Snowdown Colliery

Junior Duet

Junior Duet

  1. Braedyn & Madisyn Cave, Tilbury

Youth Slow Melody

Youth Slow Melody

  1. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury
  2. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
Youth Solo (Air Varied/Florid)

Youth Solo (Air Varied/Florid)

  1. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
  2. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury
  3. Samuel Johnson, Snowdown
Senior Slow Melody

Senior Slow Melody (12 entrants)

  1. James Emberley, LGB Brass
  2. Tom Littlewood, Lingfield
  3. Christina Kearley, LGB
  4. Alex Emberley, LGB
  5. Kevin Barker, St Sebastian
  6. Joan Barker, St Sebastian
Senior Solo (Air Varied/Florid)

Senior Solo (Air Varied/Florid)

  1. James Emberley, LGB
  2. Christina Kearley, LGB
  3. Tom Littlewood, Lingfield
  4. Alan Cooper, LGB
  5. Chris Yate, Lingfield

Senior Duet

Senior Duet

  1. Christina Kearley & Alex Emberley, LGB
  2. Chris Yate & Tom Littlewood, Lingfield
  3. David Short & James Benka-Coker, Patcham
  4. Marilyn Dennis & Jim Hurdwell, Patcham

Open Slow Melody

Open Slow Melody (15 entrants)

  1. Lauren Straker, Friary Guildford
  2. James Parkinson, East London Brass
  3. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
  4. Mike Trumble, Friary Guildford
  5. Rhys Cave, Thundersley
  6. Jeremy Home, Friary Guildford

Open Solo (Air Varied/Florid)

Open Solo (Air Varied/Florid) (10 entrants)

  1. James Parkinson, ELB
  2. Richard Straker, Friary
  3. Simon Jones, Aldbourne
  4. Sarah Bell, ELB
  5. Roland Knight, Friary
  6. Jeremy Home, Friary

Open Duest

Open Duet

  1. Lauren & Richard Straker, Friary
  2. Colin Leggett & Sarah Bell, ELB
  3. James Parkinson & Martin Dawe, ELB
  4. Gill English & Dan Loveday, Horsham

Thanks to all for a very enjoyable and successful day, and we look forward to seeing you at our next events:  the Southern Counties Youth Band concert in Bramley on 1st April and the scaba Spring Contest in Crawley on 24th April.

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