The local association for Brass Bands in the Southern Counties of England

1. Registration of Players
1.1 Any band registered with an accredited national Registry (viz: Brass Band Players Ltd (BBP), Welsh Registry, Scottish Registry) must use that Registry to enter scaba contests. The band may not use more than one accredited registry unless they comply with the rules governing day transfers.
1.2 The scaba registry is open only to member bands and players who do not belong to an accredited National Registry.
1.3 The number of players permitted to be registered under the scaba registry with any one band is 40.
1.4 scaba Registrations shall be renewable on 1st January each year and should be received by the Registrar by 31st January each year
1.5 Connected bands (e.g. “B” bands or any other subsidiary band except Youth Bands) must be wholly independently registered. The connected bands must both use the same accredited Registry.
1.6 All players must be registered no later than the Friday, 9 days before the contest.
2. Registration of Youth Bands
2.1 Youth bands are not required to register their players whose age must be under nineteen (19) years. As of the day of their 19th birthday such players shall be deemed ineligible to play in any contest with a youth band.
2.2 Members of a youth band may also contest with the senior band to which it is attached; in which case they must be registered with the senior band.
2.3 In the event of a youth band being attached to more than one senior band (i.e. ‘A’ and ‘B’ band) a youth player may be registered with one senior band only.
2.4 Any youth player may only compete in one band in any one section of the contest, except in accordance with the Day Transfer rules.
2.5 A member of a school/youth band may register with a senior band to which the school/youth band is not attached if the junior/school/youth band has no senior band. A player under 19 years may play with more than one junior/school/youth band.
3. Registration of Conductors / Musical Directors
3.1 Bands may engage any person to conduct at any contest without effecting a registration for that person.
3.2 That person may conduct any number of bands at a contest, however, he/she shall not be permitted to play with any bands at that contest other than with which he/she is registered as a bona fide member except under the day transfer rules.
4. Transfer of players
4.1 Any player may only be registered with one band and one registry, and may only compete with one band except as qualified in Rule 2.2 and 2.5 above (Youth Bands) and under the Day Transfer Rules.
4.2 If a player has resigned from a band, he/she may be transferred to another band.
4.3 Such transfers shall be effected by the band acquiring the services of the player. The requisite form shall be duly completed by the requiring band and forwarded to the scaba Registrar.
4.4 No transfers shall be effected or considered unless accompanied by the requisite fee as currently determined.
4.5 A member may only be transferred to another band providing he/she has returned to the releasing band’s officers all properties of that band held by him/her and has fulfilled all obligations to that band.
4.6 No registered member of any band shall be directly approached concerning his/her transfer or otherwise except through the Secretary of the band with which he/she is registered and then only by the Secretary of the band requiring his/her services.
4.7 Any objections to the transfer, made on reasonable grounds, will be considered by the Association. The parties in question shall have the right to representation at any hearing, and the Association may grant or withhold the transfer at their discretion.
4.8 If no valid objections are raised or the releasing band fails to complete and return the transfer form to the Registrar within FOURTEEN (14) DAYS from receipt by the Registrar of the transfer application from the acquiring band, the Registrar is required to check with the releasing band that the transfer form has been received by them. If the form has been received and no logical explanation for the delay is given, the transfer shall be deemed effected and valid from the date of receipt by the Registrar of the original application from the acquiring band. If the form has not been received by the releasing band, a duplicate shall be issued by the Registrar. If the releasing band has no objections, the transfer may be deemed effected and valid from the date of receipt by the Registrar of the original application from the acquiring band.
4.9 Applications for player transfers must be received by the Registry no later than FOUR (4) WEEKS before the date of the contest. The effective date of the registration must be on or prior to the date of the event.
4.10 Any player previously registered with another band, but not cancelled by that band, must effect the necessary transfer.
4.11 A player transferring from one band to another may not transfer back to the first band until a period of SIX (6) MONTHS has elapsed, subject to appeal.
5. Additional Registrations for bands using the scaba Registry
5.1 Applications for all additional players must be received by the Registry no later than the Friday, 9 days before the contest.
5.2 Previously unattached players may be registered only when the Additional Registration Form is completed.
5.3 Such registrations shall only be effected or considered if accompanied by the requisite fee.
5.4 The band registering any player, either annually or additionally, is responsible for ensuring that the player is not also registered with any other band under either the scaba Registry or any Accredited National Registry. Failure to check, and if necessary effect a proper transfer, may result in disqualification at subsequent contests.
6. Contests: Conditions of Entry
6.1 All bands must be properly registered with an Association or accredited National Registry.
6.2 All contest entries must be received by the Contest Manager by the closing date shown on the Contest Schedule.
6.3 For contest entries from member bands using the scaba Registry, a printout of players registered ONE (1) WEEK prior to the date of the contest will be provided by the Registrar on the day of the contest.
6.4 For contest entries from member bands and non-member bands using an accredited National Registry the Registrar will obtain from the National Registry a printout of players registered ONE (1) WEEK prior to the contest.
6.5 Contest entries from non-member bands not using the National Registry (but using another Local Association or Overseas Registry) and youth bands require that a specimen signature form and declaration concerning bona-fide registered membership of the band, of all players, be received by the Registrar at least TWO (2) WEEKS prior to the date of the contest. Such specimen signatures will then be checked by the appropriate registrar prior to the contest.
7. Number of Players Permitted
7.1 A band may play a minimum of fourteen (14) to a maximum of thirty two (32) instrumentalists inclusive of percussionists, excluding the conductor.
7.2 Youth bands may play a maximum of forty (40) instrumentalists. A youth band may have up to four (4) adult players either from their associated senior band or who are current bona-fide tutors to the band. No more than two (2) adults may play in any one section of the youth band and not in a principal position (i.e. cornet, horn, euphonium, trombone section soloists).
7.3 Any Youth/Junior Band, playing in the Youth or Junior Section only, may substitute B flat trumpets for B flat cornets if B flat cornets were not available. B flat trumpets may not be played by an adult player. No other non brass band instrumentation may be substituted unless specified in the score.
7.4 A conductor shall not be permitted to play any instrument whilst conducting a band.
7.5 Competing bands should play in uniform unless permission to the contrary is obtained from the Contest Manager.
7.6 A brass player will be permitted to assist on percussion if required but will not be permitted to play more than one brass instrument, unless specified in the score.
7.7 No instrument cases are to be taken onto the platform except on authority of the Contest Manager.
7.8 Only standard brass band instruments will be permitted to be used unless otherwise specified in the score of the music being played, with the exception of Bb trumpets as specified in rule 7.3 above.
8. Grading
8.1 Bands must enter the section in which they are graded by this Association.
8.2 Any band entering a contest who is not a member of this Association will be graded as agreed by the scaba Executive Committee, after consultation if necessary with their own Association.
8.3 Bands may enter higher sections than that in which they are graded, provided that no section is omitted between the highest section entered and that in which they are graded.
8.4 Bands may not enter any section lower than that in which they are graded. The responsibility for ensuring that this rule is not contravened rests with the band secretary. In the event of a band contravening this rule, the Contest Manager shall be required to disqualify the entry.
8.5 Bands must perform a different test piece in every section at one contest.
9. Contest Procedure
9.1 Contests may be pre-drawn. The pre-draw will be completed after the closing date for entries and at least three (3) weeks before the date of the contest. The pre-draw will be conducted by at least three scaba officials and should be independently verified. Bands are required to be present at the contest by the time stated in the contest instructions.
9.2 If the draw takes place on the day of the contest, the Contest Manager plus two other Contest Officials will check that all bands are in attendance at the draw. Any bands absent from the draw, without having advised the Contest Manager of any possible delay in attendance, may be disqualified.
9.3 The band representatives shall then ballot for the order in which the bands shall play.
9.4 Two representatives from separate bands may escort the adjudicator/s to the place of adjudication and report to the Contest Manager their satisfaction or otherwise with the arrangements for the contest and seclusion, if appropriate, of the adjudicator/s.
9.5 Any band secretary, on production of a medical certificate relating to a playing member unable to compete through illness or accidental injury, may request the assistance of one deputy only, who shall be approved by the band representatives present.
9.6 The deputy shall be the corresponding player of any band drawn to play in the same section, subject to the agreement of the lending band and the Contest Manager.
9.7 Bands will not be permitted to bring their own deputy to the contest, unless that player is a bona-fide registered member of the band or is being borrowed under the Day Transfer rules.
9.8 In the event of a band requesting a deputy on medical grounds without production of a medical certificate (e.g. in the event of sudden illness or accidental injury) the above procedures may at the discretion of the Contest Manager be effected. However, any prize that might be awarded to the requesting band shall be withheld and a medical certificate must be presented within seven (7) days to the Contest Manager. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in forfeiture of the prize.
9.9 Day Transfer of up to four (4) players will be permitted for Championship and First Section bands, and up to six (6) players for Second and Third section bands, in accordance with scaba’s Day Transfer Rules. Full details and the Day Transfer application form are available on the scaba website or from the Contest Manager or Secretary prior to the contest.
9.10 In an ‘own choice’ contest an unmarked score must be provided for the adjudicator.
9.11 All bands shall be assembled at the appointed time in the designated area. On completion of registration procedures the band may take their position either on the contest platform or in readiness to do so.
9.12 Failure to be ready to play within five minutes from the time that the preceding contestants left the platform, may result in disqualification.
9.13 No instruments may be played within sound range of the stage.
9.14 The Contest Manager may disqualify any band or competitor failing to comply with any instruction or direction issued by the Contest Manager or designated deputy.
9.15 A permanent record shall be maintained by the registration officials of the actual order of play of the competing bands, stating the order of play, name of the band and test piece. The secretary or conductor of each band will place their signature against their respective entry. Further records are to be completed by the Contest Manager when the results have been obtained from the adjudicator at the completion of the section. These are points, if they are awarded, and placing. Results will be announced at the discretion of the Contest Manager.
10. Protests
10.1 All protests of whatsoever nature must be made to the Contest Manager and take the form of a signed written statement accompanied by a deposit of ten pounds (£10). Protests must be lodged prior to the announcement of any results.
10.2 The deposit will only be refunded if the protest is upheld by the contest officials present, who shall have the right to demand the immediate attendance of all parties concerned to state their case and produce evidence. The officials shall then notify the parties of their decision.
10.3 In the event of a protest being upheld the prize, if any, shall be awarded to the band or competitor next in order of merit.
10.4 Any band shall have the right to appeal against any such decision to the full Executive Committee of the Association whose decision shall be final and binding.
11. Adjudicators
11.1 All persons engaged to adjudicate shall be competent musicians approved by the Association Executive Committee.
11.2 The adjudicator shall be provided with an unmarked copy of the score/s prior to the commencement of each section of a contest and shall be required to furnish a written report of the performance of each contestant.
12. General
12.1 The Association reserves the right to restrict entry to any section of any contest.
12.2 Any query or protest of whatsoever nature, arising from the use or existence of these rules, should be raised with the Association.
12.3 The Association reserves the right to alter or rescind any of these rules provided that prior notification has been issued to all member bands and the alteration duly ratified by the membership at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.
The interpretation of the above rules rests with scaba
*Rules updated Jan 2017