The Trumpet Shall Sound ~ a Journey through Time with Crispian Steele Perkins

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17th November 2019 @ 4:15 pm
Burgess Hill Girls
Burgess Hill Girls School
Keymer Road
RH15 0EG
£10 on the door, or email

Virtuoso performer Crispian Steel Perkins also collects and restores old trumpets upon which he has performed and recorded with The Academy of Ancient Music, The Kings Consort and The English Baroque Soloists. Appropriately, he plays the theme tune to one of the BBC’s longest-running and most popular TV programmes, the Antiques Roadshow.

In his Trumpet Shall Sound demonstration, Crispian brings some of these trumpets along and shows audiences how the instrument has developed over the centuries from ancient Egypt to modern times.

As if transported by a time machine, the entire evolution of civilised life can be traced through the medium of sound by examining the history of one of the most ancient of musical instruments – the Trumpet. From the earliest times, humans exploited the ability to communicate over great distances by blowing into an animal horn or shell. This was subsequently refined by replicating these shapes in wood and metal; the size was increased from the short trumpets of Tutankhamen to those blown at the Ancient Greek Olympics, in the Roman armies and upon the battlefields and towers of mediaeval Europe. The performance of ‘art music’ upon them evolved in the 17th century and subsequently various ingenious mechanisms facilitated to the perfection of the instrument as we now know it, retaining the nobility of it’s ceremonial past but with considerable dexterity, and great expressive capability.

All these developments and characteristics are fully explained and demonstrated in this presentation which can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages and at all levels of musical knowledge (or lack thereof!). Even experienced performers find it refreshing to be reminded of the basics of their art.

Ackerman Music is supporting this event and will have a trade stand on the day

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