Autumn Contest 2014

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Autumn Contest 2014

scaba held their annual Autumn Contest at the Hawth in Crawley on Sunday 28th September.

Adjudicators Paul Norley and Mike Kilroy enjoyed performances from 21 bands during the day.

Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to all the competing bands, contest manager Jane Stewart and the scaba team for a very enjoyable day of music making.

Youth Section – adjudicator Paul Norley
1. Shanklin Town Youth, Malcolm Lewis
2. Shepway Brass Academy, Christer Aberg
Vectis Youth – withdrawn

Best instrumentalist – Alex Warner, solo cornet, Shanklin Youth
Conductor’s prize – Christer Aberg, Shepway Brass Academy

Third Section – adjudicator Paul Norley
1. The Cobham Band, Glen Hayter
Brighton & Hove City brass – withdrawn

Best instrumentalist – Matthew Seggons, Euphonium,Cobham

Second Section – adjudicator Mike Kilroy
1. Cold Ash Brass, Jemma Evans
2. Regent Community Brass, Chris Bearman
3. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart
4. Chichester City, Tim Cooper
5. Shanklin Town, Malcolm Lewis
Amersham, Chinnor Silver – withdrawn

Best instrumentalist – Derfel Williams – Baritone, Cold Ash
Best Horn Section – Regent Community Brass
Best Solo Horn – Bryan Long – Regent Community Brass
Best Percussion Section – Cold Ash
Conductor’s Prize – Jemma Evans, Cold Ash

First Section – adjudicator Paul Norley
1. Northfleet, Melvin White
2. Horsham Borough, Andrew Kershaw
3. BAE Systems, Jonathon Crowhurst
4. Tilbury, Andrew Austin
5. Epsom & Ewell, Jack Smith
6. Fairlop, Kevin Jordan
7. Otterbourne, Gareth Pritchard

Best Instrumentalist – Barbara King – Solo Cornet, Northfleet
Best Euphonium – Martin Smith, Horsham
Best Bass Section – Northfleet
Conductor’s Prize – Jack Smith, Epsom & Ewell

Championship Section – adjudicator Mike Kilroy
1. Friary Guildford, Chris King
2. Wantage Silver ‘A’, Philip Bailey
3. East London Brass, Jayne Murrill
4. Aveley & Newham, Melvin White
5. Becontree, Nigel Taken
6. Brassband Gent, Lieven Dobbelaere

Best Instrumentalist – Matt Schroeter – Flugel, Becontree
Best Percussion Section – Friary Guildford
Best Euphonium – Sam Wyne – Wantage
Best Bass Section – Wantage
Conductor’s Prize – Chris King, Friary Guildford

scaba Band of the Year 2014 – Shanklin Town Youth

scaba Entertainment Contest Results

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scaba Entertainment Contest Results
A total of 13 bands took part in scaba’s annual Entertainment contest today, with top honours being taken by Amersham Band in the B section and Friary Guildford in the A section.

Adjudicator Richard Evans had a total of 100 points available to award each performance, with marks for Musical Performance (max. 60) / Entertainment Value (30) / Presentation & Deportment (10)
Bands exceeding the 24 minute time limited were penalised -1 point for each 30 seconds (or part thereof) over time.

Full Result:

A Section
(1st & Championship section bands)

1. Friary Guildford, Chris King.   91 points (57/25/9)
2. Otterbourne, Gareth Pritchard.  80 points (49/23/8)
3. BAE Systems, Jonathan Crowhurst.  79 points (48/23/8)
4. Fulham Brass, John Ward.  78 points (52/22/8  -4)
5. Tilbury, Andrew Austin.  77 points (48/21/8)
6. Alder Valley, Roger Burke.  76 points (51/22/8  -5)
7. Yiewsley & West Drayton, Chris Cole.  76 points (47/21/8)
– Ocean Brass – Withdrawn
– Epsom & Ewell – Withdrawn

Best Soloist – Richard Straker, cornet, Friary Guildford
Best March – Friary Guildford
Highest unplaced 1st section band – Fulham


B Section
(2nd, 3rd & Youth section bands)

1. Amersham, Paul Fisher. 88 points (55/26/7)
2. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart. 85 points (53/25/9 -2)
3. Chinnor Silver, David Pegram. 79 points (50/22/7)
4. Harlow Brass, Chris Johnston. 74 points (47/22/6 -1)
5. Cobham, Glenn Hayter. 72 points. (43/24/6 -1)
– Richmond Youth, Victoria Curran. 70 points (40/23/7)
– Denmead Brass – Withdrawn
– Hangleton – Withdrawn
– St Sebastian Wokingham – Withdrawn

Best Soloist – Dan King, Trombone, Chinnor
Best Trombone Section – Amersham
Best Compere/Conductor – Victoria Curran, Richmond Youth
Highest unplaced 3rd section band – Harlow
Highest placed scaba member band – Amersham
Highest placed Youth band – Richmond Youth


*In the event of bands being awarded equal total points, the Musical Performance mark is the tie-breaker
* Richmond Youth played for adjudication only

Spring Contest 2014 – Results

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Spring Contest 2014 – Results


The annual Spring Contest was held today at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley.


Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to Adjudicator Paul Cosh, the scaba team and all competing bands for an enjoyable day of music making.





Youth Section

1. Shanklin Town Youth, Malcolm Lewis
2. Patcham Silver Youth, Sandra Clinton

Hymn Tune: Shanklin
March: Shanklin

Best Instrumentalist: Alex Warner, Cornet, Shanklin
Conductor’s Prize: Malcolm Lewis, Shanklin

Third Section

1. Brighton & Hove City Brass, Matthew Hackett
2. Pangbourne & District Silver, Stewart Lewins
3. Patcham Silver, James Benka-Coker
4. Cobham Band, Glen Hayter

Hymn Tune: Brighton & Hove
March: Pangbourne

Best Instrumentalist: Richard Powell, Cornet, Pangbourne
Best Horn Section: Brighton & Hove
Best Solo Cornet Section: Patcham
Conductor’s Prize: Matthew Hackett, Brighton & Hove

Second Section

1. Cranbrook Town Band, Ian Lanceley
2. Uckfield Concert Brass, Nick Morris
3. Godalming Band, James Haigh
4. Shanklin Town, Malcolm Lewis

Hymn Tune: Uckfield
March: Cranbrook

Best Instrumentalist: David Newsom, Euphonium, Cranbrook
Best Trombone Section: Uckfield
Conductor’s Prize: Ian Lanceley, Cranbrook

First Section

1. Tilbury Band
2. Horsham Borough Band
3. Fairlop Brass

Hymn Tune: Fairlop
March: Tilbury

Best Horn Section: Tilbury
Best Bass Section: Tilbury
Best Tenor Trombone: Greg White, Tilbury
Best Bass Trombone: Barry Chaplin, Tilbury
Conductor’s Prize: Andrew Austin, Tilbury

Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest Results 2014

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Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest Results 2014

Scaba Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest Results 2014


St. Paul’s Catholic College, Burgess Hill


Saturday 15th February 2014.


Adjudicators - Alan Duguid & Nicholas Garman



Full results:


Junior Slow Melody (5 entries)
1. Jason Hardy, Patcham Silver
2. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
3. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury

Youth Slow Melody (5 entries)
1. Hannah Bristow, Tilbury
2. Jack Aitken, Tilbury
3. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury

Senior Slow Melody (4th, 3rd & 2nd section) (9 entries)
1. Jon Smith, Battle Town
2. Alex Emberley, LGB Brass
3. Simon Emberley, LGB Brass
4. Dave Relf, Oxted
5. Adam Kearley, LGB
6. Christina Kearley, LGB

Senior Solo (air varie/florid)
1. Jon Smith, Battle Town
2. Hannah Bristow, Tilbury
3. Adam Kearley, LGB Brass
4. James Hurdwell, Patcham Silver

Open Slow Melody (1st & Championship section and unregistered) (23 entries, 21 played)
1. Lauren Straker, Friary Guildford
2. Steve Lomas, Brassaholics
3. Martin Smith, Horsham Borough
4. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
5. Chris Straker, Friary Guildford
6. Nigel Howard, Sandhurst
7. Gill English, Horsham

Open Solo (air varie/florid) (15 entries, 13 played)
1. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
2. Chris Straker, Friary Guildford
3. Steve Lomas, Brassaholics
4. Martin Smith, Horsham Borough
5. Rhys Cave, Thundersley
6. Roland Knight, Friary Guildford


Youth Section
1. Lewes Area Music Centre ‘A’
2. Lewes Area Music Centre ‘B’

3rd Section
1. Lingfield ‘A’
2. Patcham ‘A’
3. Patcham ‘B’
4. Lingfield ‘C’
5. Mayfield
6. Lingfield ‘B’
7. Patcham ‘C’

1st Section
1. Tilbury ‘A’
2. Tilbury ‘B’
3. Horsham

Open Section
1. Friary Guildford ‘A’
2. Sandhurst ‘B’
3. Brassaholics
4. Sandhurst ‘A’
5. Friary Guildford ‘B’

(Junior & 2nd section quartets – no entries)


Youth Section
1. Lewes Area Music Centre
2. Patcham ‘B’
3. Patcham ‘A’
4. Mid Sussex

B Section (4th, 3rd & 2nd section)
1. Oxted
2. LGB
3. Lingfield
4. Patcham
5. Mayfield

A Section (1st, Championship section & unregistered)
1. Friary Guildford
2. Sandhurst
3. Tilbury
4. Brassaholics

Best Interpretation
Junior/Youth sections: Jane Humberstone, Lewes Area MC Ensemble
Senior Sections: Jonathon 'Barny' Bowden, Sandhurst ‘B’ Quartet

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