The local association for Brass Bands in the Southern Counties of England

The 2017 Autumn Contest was held on 24th September at The Hawth in Crawley.
Many thanks to adjudicator Dr David Lancaster, the scaba team, Hawth staff and of course the competing bands for a smooth-running, enjoyable day of music making.
Full Result:
Third Section
1. Godalming, James Haigh
w  Simon Langton Brass, David Cutting
w  Cobham, Glenn Hayter
Best Conductor – James Haigh
Best Hymn Tune, Best Instrumentalist Nathan John (Trombone), Best Back Row Cornets, Best Percussion – Godalming
Youth Section
w  Shepway Brass Academy
Second Section
1. Poole Borough, Martin Portman
2. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart
3. Epping Forest, Keith Schroeter
4. Yiewsley & West Drayton, Chris Cole
5. Godalming, James Haigh
6. Hangleton, Richard Baker
Best Hymn Tune – LGB Brass
Best Instrumentalist – Dick Baczala (cornet), Poole Borough
Best Horn Section – Epping Forest
Best Solo Horn – Michael Kenyon – Poole Borough
Best Percussion – Godalming
Best Conductor – Martin Portman – Poole Borough
First Section
1. Sandhurst Silver, Andrew Porter
2. Horsham Borough, Mark McLauchlin
3. BAE Systems, Melvin White
4. Brassband Euterpe Merchtem, Roland van Buggenhout
5. Epsom & Ewell, Paul Graham
6. Alder Valley Brass, Lee Woodward
7. Egham, Gareth Green
Best Hymn Tune – Brassband Euterpe
Best Instrumentalist – Steve Burgess (cornet), Alder Valley
Best Euphonium – Brian le Tissier, Sandhurst
Best Bass Section – Egham
Best Conductor – Andrew Porter, Sandhurst
Highest Placed scaba Member Band – Horsham Borough
Championship Section
1. Friary Guildford, Chris King
2. Thundersley, Nigel Taken
3. Fulham, John Ward
Best Hymn Tune – Friary Guildford
Best Instrumentalist – Simon Tong (Soprano), Friary Guildford
Best Percussion – Friary Guildford
Best Euphonium – Hannah Morton, Thundersley
Best Bass Section – Friary Guildford
Best Conductor – Chris King, Friary Guildford


scaba’s annual Entertainment contest took place at The Hawth today, with bands playing a great selection of music to an appreciative audience of their peers and adjudicators Glyn and Helen Williams on their first visit to a scaba event.
Glyn and Helen had a total of 100 points available to award each performance, with Glyn judging the bands’ Musical Performance (max. 60 marks) and Helen casting her expert eye over their Content/Entertainment Value (max. 30 marks) and Presentation & Deportment (max. 10)


B Section (Youth, 3rd & 2nd Section)
1. Amersham, Paul Fisher. 92 points (54, 30, 10 – 2 time penalties)*
2. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart. 88 points (52, 27, 9)
3. Crystal Palace, Danny Wakefield. 78 points (44, 25,9)
4. St Sebastian Wokingham, Nigel Howard. 76 points (48, 21, 7)**
5. Brighton & Hove City Brass, Matthew Hackett. 76 points (46, 23, 7)**
6. Chichester City, Rom Stanko. 72 points (42, 22, 8)
– Hangleton Youth – played for adjudication only
Best Soloist: Jon Smith, Euphonium, LGB Brass
Best Trombone Section: LGB Brass
Best Compere/Conductor: Nigel Howard, St Sebastian Wokingham
A Section(1st & Championship section)
1. Otterbourne Brass, Melvin White. 91 points (56, 27, 8)**
2. Bedford Town, Steve Philips. 91 points (54, 28, 9)**
3. Sandhurst Silver, Andrew Porter. 86 points (51, 26, 9)
4. Tilbury, Ben Jones. 80 points (47, 26, 7)
– Horsham Borough – Withdrawn
Best Soloist: Nick West, Trombone, Otterbourne
Best Performed March: Otterbourne
Best Conductor: Melvin White, Otterbourne
Highest unplaced 1st Section band: Tilbury
Highest placed scaba member band: Otterbourne
*Bands exceeding the 24 minute time limited were penalised -1 point for each 30 seconds (or part thereof) over time.
**In the event of bands being awarded the same total points, the mark for Music is the tie-breaker

The Best Conductor in the A section was awarded a new trophy, the Kenneth Dennison Memorial Cup, donated by Andy Wooler in memory of former scaba President Ken Dennison who died last October.
During the B Section results ceremony, a special presentation was made to Colin and Sybil Morrison, stalwarts of the scaba Executive Committee and the London & Southern Counties regional teams, honouring 50 years of service to brass banding.
Thank you to Glyn and Helen, to all the competitors who worked so hard and performed so well, and to the scaba and Hawth teams for a very enjoyable day; we look forward to seeing you again at our Autumn contest in September!


scaba held their annual Spring contest at The Hawth in Crawley today. Adjudicator Nick Garman and audiences enjoyed great selection of pieces and some excellent performances, although the number of competing bands was very low.

Unfortunately the association cannot continue to run this contest without more entries from our local bands. In 2018 and 2018 the contest will be held on an earlier date in February, a move which we hope will enable more bands to compete – it could be an ideal opportunity to run-out your Regional test pieces.
Full results:
Youth Section
1. Shanklin Town Youth, Malcolm Lewis
March Prize:  Shanklin Youth
Best Instrumentalist: Alex Warner (Cornet), Shanklin Youth
Conductor’s Prize:  Malcolm Lewis
Third Section
1. Godalming, James Haigh
2. Shanklin Town, Malcolm Lewis
3. Oxted, Darrell Scholes
4. Patcham Silver, James Benka-Coker
5. Snowdown Colliery, Andy Collins
March Prize: Oxted
Best Instrumentalist: Dave Sargeant (Cornet), Godalming
Best Horn Section: Shanklin Town
Best Solo Cornet Section: Godalming
Conductor’s Prize: James Haigh, Godalming
Second Section
1. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart
2. Chichester City, Rom Stanko
3. Brighton & Hove City Brass, Matthew Hackett
4. Godalming, James Haigh
March Prize: LGB Brass
Best Instrumentalist: Simon Emberley (Soprano), LGB
Best Trombone Section: LGB
Conductor’s Prize: Ian Stewart, LGB
First Section
1. Horsham Borough, Mark McLauchlin
March Prize, Best Bass Section, Best Horn Section: Horsham
Best Tenor Trombone Sam Goard, Best Bass Trombone James Slaney, Horsham
Conductor’s Prize: Mark McLauchlin
Many thanks to our adjudicator Nick, the scaba team and all competing bands for an enjoyable and smooth-running day with some wonderful music-making, and congratulations to all the prize winners.