Changes to scaba Contesting in 2018

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Changes to scaba Contesting in 2018

The scaba Spring contest will be moving from its traditional April date to 25th February in 2018, giving bands an ideal opportunity to test-run their pieces for the Regional contests in March. The contest schedule and entry form will be circulated to scaba member bands and downloadable from the website at the end of December.
From 1st January 2018, scaba will be adopting the National registry and gradings for all contests.
The scaba registry and current ‘local’ gradings will cease to exist.
Bands graded Championship, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th section for the National Brass Band Championships of GB will be graded as, and compete in, the same section for all scaba competitions starting with the Spring Contest in February 2018. Players in these bands must be registered with the Brass Band Players (BBP) Registry or another accredited National registry. Bands from outside Britain will compete in the same section as they are graded in for National competitions in their own country.
The scaba registry will be closed and scaba registration cards will no longer be valid. A new “Unregistered” section will be introduced for bands that do not compete in the National Championships and are not in the Regional grading tables or registered Nationally, and the scaba day transfer rules will be amended to include unregistered players and bands.
Please note that a player who is registered Nationally with a graded band may also play with a band in the ‘Unregistered’ section at scaba contests, but they will be counted as one of that band’s day transfers.
These changes to registrations and gradings will not affect Youth Bands.
Amendments to the contesting and day transfer rules will be confirmed at the next Quarterly Forum meeting on 29th October and then circulated to member bands and published on the scaba website. All member bands are encouraged to attend the forum meetings, and if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact our Secretary Alex Stevens:

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