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Spring for Sykes with scaba!

Forget the Ice Buckets, its all about the Acrobat Challenge now.
J.A. Greenwood’s classic trombone solo The Acrobat (maybe better known to Generation X as the theme tune to Jonny Briggs) is being performed and recorded around the world on trombones of all sizes, sackbutts, pBones and valved instruments in bedrooms, lounges, band rooms and on at least one tractor to raise money to fund vital treatment for Stephen Sykes, the talented young trombonist who is fighting the blood cancer Hodgkins Lymphona.

Everyone who accepts the challenge is posting the result on social media with a few nominations to spread the word and, most importantly, the promise to donate at least £5 to Stephen’s GoFundMe campaign.

To make it even easier for more people to take part, scaba will be presenting a group Acrobat Challenge at our Spring contest on 30th April. After each results ceremony, every trombone player in the building will be invited to join us on stage for a small donation and play The Acrobat together. Let’s see if we can set a record for the biggest group effort and raise a pile of cash for this great cause.

For more information about Stephen’s Journey, visit his Facebook page Here and see The Acrobat Challenge in action Here
And most importantly, please don’t forget to visit Stephen’s page at GoFundMe


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