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Regional Contests ~ Registrations Reminder

With the Regional qualifying contests of the National Championships of GB fast approaching, we’ve had a number of queries about rules and timelines affecting registration of new players.
All players competing in the London & Southern Counties Regional contest in Stevenage must be registered with the Brass Band Players Registry (BBP) by Friday 10th March; the last registration date for bands in the West of England is Friday 3rd March.
Please remember that players may NOT be registered with more than one band (this includes registration with different bands under the BBP and scaba Registries), and each player can only compete in one regional contest in one year.
The relevant rules are outlined below for your information:
National Championships of GB Rules:
9 a) All players taking part in the Contest must be registered with only ONE accredited Registry at least 7 days before the Friday of the contest weekend and may only compete with the band that holds their Registration.
9 b) A player may play with only ONE band in any ONE series of Regional Championships
BBP Registry Rules:
4 Each player who is a contesting member of a band must be registered and hold a valid registration card.
5 No player shall be registered with more than one band at any one time.
scaba Rules:
1.2 scaba registry is open only to member bands and players who do not belong to an accredited National Registry.
4.1 Any player may only be registered with one band and one registry, and may only compete with one band except as qualified in Rule 2.2 and 2.5 – Youth Bands) and under the Day Transfer Rules.
5.4 The band registering any player, either annually or additionally, is responsible for ensuring that the player is not also registered with any other band under either the scaba Registry or any Accredited National Registry. Failure to check, and if necessary effect a proper transfer, may result in disqualification at subsequent contests.

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